Reshaping the Future of Talent

LNRD replaces recruitment funnels with automated Job Simulator tech to find the most perfect talent fit in record time.

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LNRD is a one-stop-shop solution for recruiting high quality talent that fits the specific requirements of the job position and company. To date, recruiting methods pendulate between unscalable manual processes to sterile AI tech. The result? 46% of hires fail within the first 18 months. LNRD offers a 93% success rate in return.

Forecast human compatibility
Predict Successful Hires with Data Automation
Find More Quality Talent in Record Time

Requisite Skillset + Human Compatibility® = TrueFit®

When talent matches both the rigors of a specific job position and a company’s ‘Human Compatibility®’ needs (and vice versa), we call this a TrueFit®.


LNRD Reveals the True Shape of Talent

Our True Fit Job Simulator® technology is the first to use data automation to show the true shape of talent of potential hires. We do that by evaluating both skillset and Human Compatibility® factors. This intimate combination of data reveals a large pool of quality candidates that fit the unique shape of talent your company needs.

Talent have experienced LNRD's True Fit Job Simulator®
7 days
Our average time for finding True Fits
Immediate impact in quality hires
More efficient than the conventional hiring funnels

Forget About Old Recruitment Funnels

Are you ready for a laser-sharp, fast approach to recruit new hires? With superior data automation, LNRD accelerates your next hire, selecting from a wide talent pool of candidates, all with the potential to be True Fits!

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Accurately predict if talent is a fit for your company.

Get an unfair advantage over quality hires.

Position your company as a fair employer and earn respect from top talent.

Customize a Job Simulator® for each position and find a True Fit.

Win with an unmatched candidate experience.

Remove guesswork and bias allowing real talent to thrive.