The Future of Talent is Unboxable

LNRD is the only developer-like tool for anyone hiring, powering a Job Simulator that ends the guesswork & bias and cuts through the broken CV culture.

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Build predictors of success through data
Forecast Human Compatibility
See talents and roles from a 3D perspective

Forget about the old funnels

Our job simulator and labeled data allow early detection of Genius Matches between companies and talents based on professional and human compatibility forecasting, in record time.

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Talent have experienced our product
7 days
Record time to hire for the hardest-to-fill positions
Immediate impact in quality hires and over a year
Increase in sourcing efficiency compared to recruiting agencies

What’s LNRD’s unfair advantage?

Allows you to start at the most exceptional talents, instead of waiting for the end of the funnel.

It takes companies an average of 23 days to detect matches. Save time & efforts and see them FIRST!

Allows you to surface real talent fit based on your own predictors of success.

Companies suffer from 46% of bad hires. We solve it by laser focusing your unique shape of the position, based on data.

It positions your company with a fair hiring protocol and allows you to win the battle for new talent.

Fairness and transparency are the most important elements that candidates are looking in companies.

Powers your unique customized job simulator.

People are tired of the spray and pray CV game. Set your company apart with a real pre experience of the job.